Sofar 25K-50KTLX-G3


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Up to 4 MPPTs
Up to 4 MPPTs with DC overload capability (up to 150%)
I-V curve scanning function
Type II SPD for both DC and AC side
Optional AFCI protection
Compatible with 500 W+ modules
Prolonged AC overload capability (110%)


New G3 three-phase inverter for small-commercial PV plants

The SOFAR 25K–50KTLX-G3 inverter series is the upgraded version of SOFARSOLAR’s three-phase C&I inverter series. The 3rd generation version comes with up to four MPPTs and consists of nine different power classes to meet the demands of medium-sized PV installations.

The inverter has 4 digital inputs ports and a CT input port for power control, enabling an easy configuration to meet the grid codes in many countries. For additional protection, the inverter has built-in DC and AC side type II surge-arresters.

A WiFi-stick is delivered with the inverter, to easily connect the inverter to the SOFAR View monitoring portal