Sofar 3000-6000 EP


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Energy storage integrated inverter
IP65 design for outdoor
EPS function, switching time less than 10 ms
Compatible with on-grid and off-grid
Built-in zero export function
Various operational mode available
Flexible configuration of lead acid or lithium battery


Single-phase hybrid inverter – the perfect solution to enable energy storage in your PV installation with on and off-grid functions

The HYD 3000–6000-ES is the new, multi-talented hybrid inverter for solar and storage applications. During grid-outages, it can provide up to 5 kW emergency power supply (EPS) within 10ms through its integrated EPS-port. The integrated energy management system has various user-friendly modes, optimizing the user experience, including an automatic self-use mode. The user can also set different time and/or date ranges or day of week rules. All modes can be easily configured on the large LCD screen.

Among others, the HYD 3000–6000-EP is compatible with SOFARSOLAR’s LV battery series: GTX 2500 and GTX 5000.

A WiFi-stick is delivered with the inverter, to easily connect the inverter to the SOFAR View monitoring portal