Sofar 5K-20KTL 3Phases


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Energy storage integrated inverter
2 MPPTs, allowing a flexible configuration
Fully digital operation, enabling higher control accuracy
Up to two battery inputs
Parallel operation with up to 10 units
Extensive choice of operational modes for optimal performance
Off-grid output can be connected to unbalanced load, three-phase separate output is supported


Three-phase hybrid Inverter – the perfect solution to enable energy storage in your PV installation with on and off-grid functions

The HYD 5K…20KTL-3PH is a 3-phase, multi-talented hybrid inverter for solar and storage applications. During grid-outages, it can provide up to 20 kW unbalanced 3-phase emergency power supply (EPS) within 10 ms through its integrated EPS-port.

Two MPPTs and two independent battery ports (on the 10K to 20KTL models) allow multiple configurations of the battery capacity in steps of 2,5 kWh.

Up to 10 inverters can be connected in parallel on the EPS and AC-port, which makes this device ideal for micro-grid installations (on or off-grid)

The integrated energy management system has various user-friendly modes, optimizing the user experience, including an automatic self-use mode. The user can also set different time and/or date ranges or day of week rules.

All modes can be easily configured on the large LCD screen. Among others, this inverter is compatible with SOFARSOLAR’s high-voltage energy storage systems: the GTX 3000-H and BTS battery system. A WiFi-stick is delivered with the inverter, to easily connect the inverter to the SOFAR View monitoring portal.